Phone Quotes on Service or Repairs

Getting phone quotes when you need your garage door or garage door opener repaired.
Many garage door companies offer free quotes or estimates for a “New” garage door but not many will offer the same for a repair or an opener…It’s just not cost efficient for a garage door company to come out for a “free quote” on a minor repair that can just be done right then and there in one trip and the same goes if you want an opener. So how do you get a ballpark price for garage door and opener repairs without a company coming out and charging you for a repair quote?
The answer is simple… you just call around and give the most accurate description of the problem that you can, in other words if your garage door opener runs but doesn’t lift the door then get the make and model of the garage door opener and the type of door you have and based on that most legit companies would know what the problem is, garage door openers are like cars in that certain models have certain (specific to them) problems and when you call a local garage door company they should have encountered this problem many thousands of times and be able to narrow the phone quote to be fairly accurate on cost.
If you have a company that refuses to give you a ballpark quote on a repair it usually means they plan to “sell” and “upgrade” you which they can’t easily do if you already have an idea of what your specific problem should run.
Now keep in mind that there can always be unforeseen problems with costs on a repair, for example if we arrive at your house based on what you tell us and it turns out the root cause is a broken spring then that spring will need to be replaced before repairing the garage door opener or the opener will break again, so it does do you justice to take a good look at your garage door and garage door opener before you pick up the phone, sometimes you can spot the obvious and bring that into the conversation as well when trying to get a fairly accurate quote on a repair.
If you call a garage door company that doesn’t even care to attempt a quote on what your repair could potentially run based on some decent information provided by you then hang up and call someone else!