Winter Wood Door Preventative Maintenance

As we head into the winter months the weather tends to effect our garage doors and openers more so than any other time of year. This is the time to nip these problems before they start by taking some preventative steps so lets get started.
TODAY’S GARAGE DOOR TIP……If you have a wooden door…either a solid one piece tilt up style or a sectional door then first and foremost is making sure the moisture, rain, snow, and ice does NOT soak into your wood which can lead to excessive weight, rot and the loosening of components attached to the door (that can also lead to garage door opener problems as well as door problems) . Homeowners often overlook the obvious solution to having a problem free garage door by failing to inspect the paint or stain that actually keeps the garage doors wood sealed from the seasonal elements THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!
Water and moisture must repel OFF your garage door.
Here are a few pics of garage door water problems.
#1-Water rot on the inside of the garage door.
#2- Area showing gaps in the paint where water gets in.
#3-The end result that could be prevented with a good paint job.